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Why Is My Kitchen Flooded?

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There are many reasons why the kitchen is flooded, often it is a fault with plumbing appliances. Most times a flooded kitchen is due to the dishwasher, kitchen sink system or fridge experiencing an issue. A Blocked Drain and water leaks are other common reasons why the kitchen is flooded with water. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services our Emergency Plumber team are here at all times of the day to resolve issues with flooded kitchens. 

The main causes of why the kitchen is flooded are:

  • Kitchen sink’s pipes have cracked causing a leak or there is a blockage causing water to flow back through the drains
  • Dishwasher was overfilled with crockery or there are issues with the water supply line
  • Fridge’s ice makers may be broken or the water supply line is damaged
  • Under the sink systems, such as a water filter, is damaged and may leak water

Why is the Kitchen Flooded?

A flooded kitchen is when there is water on the floor and often has leaked through cupboards, pantries and other kitchen areas. Appliances and systems in the kitchen that use water are the main causes of the kitchen being flooded.


Kitchen Sink

The pipes under the kitchen sink may be cracked or damaged which has led to a water leak or a burst pipe situation. If there is standing water around the kitchen sink then the kitchen flooded origin can be directed to the sink. If the whole kitchen floor has water present then if the kitchen sink has visible pipe issues or the cabinet is damp or wet compared to other cupboards. 

Another reason that can cause the kitchen flooded issue is when there is a blockage in the sink. The blockage can prevent water from properly flowing down the sink and cause it to instead come back through the pipes. Ensure that the correct items are being flushed down the sink and clean the sink regularly to prevent clog problems.



The dishwasher may be why the kitchen is flooded and it may be due to too many items being stacked in it. Another reason how the dishwasher may flood the kitchen is if the point of connection system or the water supply line is damaged. These bring water to and from the dishwasher and if they are damaged then water may leak out of them.



The ice maker in the fridge may leak at times which can quickly cause the area around the fridge or the whole kitchen to flood. Like with the dishwasher, the point of connection or the water supply line of the fridge may also experience an issue and cause a leak to occur.


Under the Sink Systems

Water purifiers or water filters that are located under the sink may easily leak at times. Cheaper ones or if the water filter was installed poorly are common reasons why they will leak water. 



The kitchen may also be flooded because of other types of issues forming. When water leaks through the walls or ceilings and into the kitchen then the external problem has caused the kitchen flooded issue. The kitchen may also be flooded from other systems nearby, such as a leaking air conditioner, toilet or another system that has a water line.


What to do When My Kitchen is Flooded?

To ensure there is no water damage, mold growth, flood damage, water bill increases or other issues, here are the steps to follow when the kitchen is flooded:

  1. Turn off the water supply by locating the water supply line valves to prevent more water from leaking into the kitchen. If not sure where the specific appliance’s water supply line is then turning off the home’s water supply at the shutoff valve can be done instead. 
  2. Turn off the electricity supply and circuit to the kitchen to prevent electrical systems from making contact with water and potentially creating a danger hazard.
  3. If there is a gas stove present then turning off the gas by following the proper protocols is important. This is to ensure the water does not damage the bottom burners, supply lines and regulators.
  4. Remove the water from the kitchen, the best way is to mop up the water or use a wet vacuum.
  5. Inspect the water damage if there is to determine if there are any appliances, cabinets or other items that may need replacing.  
  6. Undergo the drying process using fans, opening windows and doors and opening all cabinet doors and drawers.
  7. Contact a professional plumber to fix the leak or other issue which has caused the kitchen flooded problem. 

To know more about general house flooding and the common causes then we highly recommend reading our blog for further details. 


Emergency Plumbers Here to Help When the Kitchen is Flooded

Optimised Plumbing Services at any time of the day will help resolve kitchen flooded concerns. Each fully qualified plumber arrives as soon as possible to work professionally and ensure the leak, blockage or other issue is resolved efficiently. We operate safely and are here to help all Sydney locals, including the Inner West and South Sydney, with kitchen flooded issues. Contact Optimised Plumbing Services today for reliable emergency plumbers to resolve flooded kitchen emergencies!

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