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Common Plumbing Causes Of House Flooding?

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House plumbing flooding is an issue that can be caused by a number of different factors. From Blocked Drain flooding to burst pipe issues, the house can be flooded due to plumbing problems. A licensed plumber should be contacted as soon as possible to stop flooded home issues and prevent major water damage. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services our Emergency Plumber team will help at all times of the day with tasks that involve house plumbing flooding. 

The common causes of house plumbing flooding are:

  • Broken pipes, water leaks and burst pipes
  • Improper drainage
  • Blocked drains
  • Clogged gutters
  • Damaged and malfunctioning appliances
  • Weather conditions 
  • Hot water heater leaks
  • Tree root infestation

What are the Common Causes of House Plumbing Flooding?

There are many different reasons why the house may be flooding and be linked to a plumbing system or fixture. 

Pipe Issues

Pipes can be a main reason why the home has flooded. This can be linked to broken pipes, pipes that have burst and pipes that are leaking. Pipes that are broken have a high chance of flooding the home as they can easily let out a large amount of water. They might have broken from being frozen and snapping, having high levels of corrosion or work around the house damaging the pipes.

A burst pipe is a more serious issue as the water often bursts out at high speeds and flooding can quickly occur. Leaks will cause small amounts of water to enter the home and over time can cause serious stress on the plumbing system. Pipes can experience a large range of issues and are one of the main causes of house plumbing flooding.

Improper Drainage

Drainage issues with specific drainage systems can mean that water will come out of the pipes and back into the home. Sewer drainage, stormwater drains and water supply drainage systems can experience issues that can lead to the water flowing back into the house. If the system was built incorrectly to the drainage has not been given plumbing maintenance leading to problems forming, there are many issues that can cause these systems to malfunction. 

Blocked Drains

Blockages in the plumbing systems are another main cause of overflowing drains and house flooding. Ranging from a blocked toilet, blocked kitchen drain to washing machine blockages, these systems can prevent water from correctly flowing down the drain. Drain blockages are mostly caused by foreign objects that should not enter drains to clog up the system. The pipes will not be able to properly flow these items down them and lead to water flowing back into the home. 

Clogged Gutters

A blocked gutter can easily cause water to flow into the home as the rainwater cannot properly flow away from the home. This can lead to it overflowing on the ground and can flood the home. It is important that gutters are cleaned, especially before heavy rainfall, to prevent this issue from occurring. When roof drains and drainage cannot clear, heavy rain will flow around the home, sometimes in it, and cause a flood.

Plumbing Appliance Issues

Plumbing fixtures and appliances when they malfunction and do not work properly can lead to water flooding the home. Such as the dishwasher or washing machine, these systems might have a leak or an issue with their water supply. When this happens the water will not be able to drain properly from the machine. The water that cannot drain properly will flow back from the machine and can flood the surrounding area. 


The weather can cause the house plumbing flooding as the large rainfall is too much for the plumbing system to handle. When the drainage, guttering and stormwater drains are blocked or damaged then they will not be able to divert the water away from the property. The chance the water runs into the home can occur and then indoor flooding may happen. 

Hot Water System Leaks

Leaks within the hot water system and the water tank might cause flooding issues. The leak can flood the area around the hot water heater and can lead to other issues. When the hot water system is not maintained correctly then leaks can occur and cause puddles to form. If the leaks are not found early then the water can quickly cause the surrounding area to flood.

Tree Root Concerns

Tree roots can cause a wide range of issues that can lead to the concern of house plumbing flooding. The roots can block or break the pipes and then lead to the problem of water not flowing through the pipe correctly. Water may not be able to flow at all then will flow back into the home and can cause flooding. 

Professional Plumbers Here to Help With House Plumbing Flooding

Optimised Plumbing Services is here with fully qualified plumbers to resolve any kind of house plumbing flooding issue. Our team will find the source of the problem then make sure to perform quick and effective repairs to prevent water damage and the house from flooding. We offer our house plumbing flooding services to all of Sydney, including South Sydney and Inner West. When needing trusted plumbing services to help with plumbing flooding – rely on Optimised Plumbing Services!

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