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When Should I Replace & Get A New Toilet?

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Toilets also need replacing. But for the untrained, it could be difficult to tell when it is time to have the toilet changed. Several circumstances dictate the lifespan of this fixture. Age, damages and use are common factors that could fast-track the need for a new toilet. However, some signs may seem invisible to an untrained eye. Plumbers can help property owners determine when a building needs a new toilet. Our team has the skills to help with planning, installing, maintaining and repairing toilets. We can also assist them in determining if there are already signs of calling for a toilet replacement.

How Do I Know When I Need a New Toilet?

Various elements affect the time when a toilet needs to be replaced. The following are some factors that affect the lifespan of a toilet:Age – Nothing lasts forever. The same applies to toilets. Varying opinions run in the plumbing community on how long a property should use a toilet. However, its design and use could affect the timing when a replacement is due. Older toilets are known to be prone to damage and issues. Additionally, local, state and national regulations could also determine when it is time to have it changed. Crack – When water puddles start forming near the toilet, it is a sign of possible cracks in the toilet. Property owners can best determine cracks by examining the inside and outside of every component. The crack’s location will determine whether a repair is enough or a replacement is the most appropriate solution. Experts recommend having the toilet replaced when the damage is below the water line in the tank. They also advise allowing 24hr emergency plumbers to inspect the crack. A professional opinion gives a better understanding of whether a replacement is needed.Leaks – A crack is a usual reason for a leaking toilet. However, it is not the sole reason for leaking. Also, a leak is much more difficult to identify compared to a crack. There are instances where it could take months for anyone to detect leaking in the toilet. Water puddles, a higher water bill and damaged flooring and subflooring are usual indications of a leaking toilet.Constantly running toilet – After flushing, water should run for a limited time to flush waste. It usually takes a few seconds before the water is refilled and stops running. Running toilet water noise is a common sign of a defective toilet. A flapper valve that does not seal is usually the reason behind this issue. Property owners usually wiggle the flapper valve to resolve this problem, but it only provides temporary relief most of the time.Blocked toilet – Clogging is among the most common plumbing emergencies in homes and commercial spaces. For blocked toilets, several factors come into play for this type of problem. Small objects are usually at fault for a clogged toilet. It is especially true for those with small children. However, there are cases where the culprit is more complex. Blockage in the toilet can also be due to an issue in the plumbing system. If this is the case, it is best to have a skilled emergency plumber take over and provide the best solution.Problematic DIY fixes – For those who like to DIY plumbing issues, there are instances when doing it could be a weekly thing. DIY-ing things work most of the time. However, there are instances when the same problem will happen again after a week or two. Those who usually DIY toilet issues might be saving on plumber fees but could be decreasing the lifespan of their toilet. Improper remedies can also contribute to toilets needing a replacement a few years shorter than the recommended average.Without a working flush – The flush is an important mechanism in toilets. Having problems with the flush means serious plumbing trouble. This problem is one of the many toilet issues that should be left in the hands of a trained plumber. A professional can determine whether it is best to replace a toilet, even if the recommended lifespan has yet to be reached. 

How Often Should a Toilet Be Replaced?

Toilets usually last for about 50 years. However, it cannot achieve that feat without proper care and maintenance. But the average 50-year lifespan is not guaranteed for all toilets. Various circumstances can impact this fixture and make it fail at an early age. When signs of a toilet replacement start appearing, it is best to have a plumber check on it and determine whether it needs changing. These factors commonly impact the lifespan of a toilet:

  • How it is used – The number of people sharing the toilet and how much it is used significantly impact the lifespan of this fixture. Experienced plumbers say the more a toilet is flushed, the shorter its lifespan.
  • Maintenance – Property owners should not skimp on getting professional help when dealing with a toilet problem. Additionally, it is best to work together with a plumber with a great track record. A top-rated 24hr emergency plumber can provide long-lasting solutions that also comply with building codes and other related regulations.
  • New toilets – Newer toilet models offer several advantages compared to older models. It uses less water, making it environmentally friendly. The reduced water consumption comes from its design of allowing waste down the drain with fewer amounts of water. Property owners with toilets aged 20 to 30 are best to switch to a new toilet model.

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At Optimised Plumbing Services, we have the experience and knowledge to help homeowners and businesses determine whether a toilet needs changing. Our team is composed of the most qualified emergency plumbers in Sydney. All have years of experience and training attending to issues affecting toilets, including when is it time to change a toilet. Each 24 hour plumber in our team holds a plumbing licence from NSW Fair Trading showing their competence in plumbing. With these qualifications, we guarantee that every toilet installation and repair we do follows standards laid down by The Plumbing Code of Australia and other laws and regulations. Contact Optimised Plumbing Services now to have the best emergency plumber in Sydney help plan and install a new toilet in your home or commercial space today!

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