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Why Is Water Coming Back Through My Pipes?

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Water coming back through pipes is often a confusing issue where there are many reasons why it can occur. Often from a Blocked Drain, water coming back from the plumbing system should be dealt with as soon as possible. Clearing blockages early and performing regular drain cleaning tasks will help prevent water from coming back through pipes. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our professional plumbers will reliably help stop plumbing issues with water rising from the drainage systems. 

The main causes of water coming back through pipes are:

  • Kitchen sink drains and water discharged from the dishwasher
  • Fixture trap being blocked
  • Main plumbing line experiencing a drain blockage
  • Vent pipes are clogged

What are the Main Causes of Water Coming Back Through the Pipes?

Floor, bathroom and sink drains are the more common types of drains that experience water coming back up through them. When it is in the sink then the problem is related to the sink but if it comes back through the toilet or bathtub for example then the main line might have an issue. Most times it is due to a blockage in the system that causes the water to enter back. Overflowing drains should be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent other issues from developing.

Kitchen Sink Drain Issues

The kitchen sink is often connected to the dishwasher through the same pipe. This is why the sink may have water come back up it as when the dishwasher discharges water. Since there is a lot of water that the dishwasher uses at one time the pipes may not be able to drain it completely. This is why the dishwasher water may enter the sink at times. 

Another reason why water comes back into the sink is because the dishwasher pipes are full of clogs. This means that the water cannot easily flow through the pipes and will lead it back into the sink. Simple sink blockages can also cause the pipes to be clogged and not allow water to flow down them correctly. 

Blocked Fixture Trap

The trap is located under each fixture in the home to help keep sewer line smells out of the building. There is always a certain amount of water present within the trap which is how the sewer gas is prevented from entering the building. When bathroom drains experience a hair blockage then the hair can accumulate within the trap. 

Soap can also build up and cause the water flow to be restricted. When it becomes too blocked then the trap cannot properly allow water to flow leading to it coming back out of the drain.

Main Line Blockage

The main plumbing line is where fixtures eventually connect to and then this line connects to sewer lines. When dirt, grease, hair and other blockage enters the plumbing it will eventually lead to the main plumbing line. If these blockages do not accumulate in the plumbing in the house they may become stuck in the main line. This can lead to water not being able to flow out of the house and may come back into the building. 

Blocked Vent Pipe

Plumbing systems will need venting to ensure air can circulate in the plumbing and keep the water flowing efficiently. Any blockage in these vent pipes, often from bugs or dirt, means that air cannot properly enter the pipes. This leads to water not being able to flow smoothly inside of the plumbing which can cause the water to flow out of the pipes. 

How Do I Stop Water Coming Through My Pipes?

The main way to stop and prevent water from coming back up through drains is to deal with the blocked drain. There are many ways to combat a blockage with drainage, from DIY drain cleaning methods to contact a plumber. Below is a guide on the different ways to deal with the clog that is causing the water to come back through the pipes:

  • Plunger – a sink plunger can be used to deal with sink blockages, including the bathroom and kitchen sink. The plumbing tool can help grab any stuck items inside the drain, such as food, and clear the blockage. It is a good idea to use a plunger as one of the first steps to try and clear a blockage.
  • Drain cleaners – these chemical cleaners are designed to cut through grease, fat, soap and other common clog items. They are easy to use and can be an effective way to combat tougher blockages. 
  • Natural cleaners – instead of using chemical cleaners, using natural products is an option. Such as mixing vinegar, baking soda and boiling water, these natural methods can be as effective at clearing away a clog as chemical cleaners do. 
  • Plumber – most times a plumber will be able to quickly and effectively deal with a blocked drain. The service is often safe, quick and reliable while also the plumber will determine if there are any other reasons why the water is coming back up from the pipes.

Reliable Blocked Drain Sydney Plumbers

Optimised Plumbing Services is here with fully qualified blocked drain specialists who will help with any clog. Our plumbers will be able to find what is causing the water coming back through pipe issues quickly. Using the best and effective plumbing techniques we will resolve the problem, most times a blockage.

Our Emergency Plumber team is here to work at all times with overflowing drains and rising water from pipes, working from Eastern Suburbs to Greater Western Sydney

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