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Strata Plumbing Sydney – Who Is Responsible?

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Strata plumbing is often a grey area with who has responsibility for repairs and installations. Most times the owners’ corporation is responsible for dealing with larger issues and the lot owner will need to resolve smaller problems. From burst pipes to water leaks, it is important who needs to contact a plumbing repair service. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our 24 hour Emergency Plumber team will perform Sydney Strata work in any property. 

When it comes to strata plumbing and who is responsible the body corporate or the unit’s owner will be responsible. For damages inside the place, including inside of the airspace of the place, internal walls and plumbing fixtures, the lot owner will need to contact a plumber. Larger problems, such as hot water system issues or damages from storms, that affect more than one resident will mean the body corporate will resolve the problem.

How Do I Handle Strata Plumbing Issues?

When under a strata scheme the person who has to handle the plumbing issue can be confusing at times. The general process of knowing who has to repair the issue and organise plumbing work will start with the lot owner contacting the strata manager or board. When the plumbing problem has been identified, including either on common property or in the apartment, then the body corporate after receiving the notification will inspect the issue. 

Smaller repairs often do not need a meeting to happen. Larger repairs will see the owners’ corporation undergo a meeting so the costs can be discussed. Depending on what the plumbing emergency is and where it is, either the lot owner or the body corporation will have to organise a plumber to resolve the damages.


Who Is Responsible for Different Plumbing Problems in Strata Settings?

NSW Fair Trading makes it clear that everything that is located in the airspace of the apartment or unit is the responsibility of the owner. This includes internal walls and plumbing fixtures inside the unit complex where the lot owner is responsible for organising maintenance and repair. Plumbing outside of the unit will often not be the responsibility of lot owners but the strata complex. Below is a guide on who will be responsible for specific plumbing issues in strata schemes:

  • Blocked Drain – most times the owners’ corporation will be responsible for blockages as they will be below the floor of the unit. This includes a blocked toilet and a blocked shower as the blockage goes below the floor. For blockages that are located inside the unit, such as a blocked showerhead or blocked kitchen sink, then the unit owner is responsible for clearing the clog. 
  • Mould – water damage that causes mould to form or other issues will be responsible depending on where the wall leak is. If the water leaks through the internal wall then the responsibility goes to the unit owner. If the water leak is from external or boundary walls then the owners’ corporation is responsible for repairing the problem.
  • Hot Water System – if there are problems with the unit complexes’ hot water system then the owners’ corporation will need to repair them. If the lot owner has their own hot water unit then they will be responsible for resolving any issues.  

For more information on who is responsible for blocked drains, our blog is here with further details.


Who is Responsible for Water Damage with Strata Plumbing?

There are specific guidelines that help with directing on who is responsible for dealing with water damage in units and apartments:

  • When common property has been damaged then the owners’ corporation will handle the repairs. This can include repairs to leaking pipes, clogged gutters and roof failures
  • Property damage in one or more strata lots or in common property, and with the repairs exceeding the owners’ corporation insurance, means that the affected places will need to place an insurance claim. This means that the repairs of the common property or damaged lots will be paid for by the owners’ corporation.
  • If the water damage originates from one place then to another or common property then the owners’ corporation will decide who is at fault and therefore responsible. 
  • In plumbing emergency situations the owners’ corporation will contact the strata managers to organise an emergency plumber as soon as possible. From a burst pipe to major leaks, since the origin is unknown, repairing the issue before the problem escalates is more important.


Trusted Emergency Plumbers Helping with Strata Plumbing

Optimised Plumbing Services is here with reliable emergency plumbers that will help with strata plumbing problems. Our emergency services include tasks such as helping with leaks, repairing hot water system issues, fixing burst pipes to replacing old plumbing fixtures. We will work on common property and also private lots and units on plumbing repairs and installations.

Our strata plumbing services are here for all of Sydney, including South Western Sydney, Eastern Suburbs and Greater Western Sydney. For professional plumbing services and help with strata plumbing tasks – rely on Optimised Plumbing Services!

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