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5 Ways To Clean A Drain In 10 Minutes

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A Blocked Drain or dirty drainage can be unhygienic and prevent the use of specific appliances. For example, having an unclean sink full of grease and food scraps can be unhealthy when washing or preparing food. As well as, can stop water from going down the pipe and as a result clog up. Optimised Plumbing Services has quality and plenty of experience working with ways to clean and unclog a drain. Which means that you can rely on us to teach you how to personally clean your drains in the safest and most appropriate ways.

With drainage, there can be multiple drainage solutions to clean and unblock them depending on what is inside the pipes. To explain, methods such as pouring solutions into the drain or using a plunger will be impacted on the reason and level of build up. The ‘at home’ methods are all quick and easy to complete, while involving cheap and simple items, often already present in the home.

 1. Special Solution

A combination of specific materials will both clean our pipes and dissolve any grease and oil that has been accumulating in the drain. It involves:

  1. Pouring one cup of baking soda down the drain and a little bit around the top of the drain
  2. Heating one cup of vinegar in the microwave for two minutes 
  3. Then pouring the heated vinegar down into the drain causing bubbles to form from the two substances mixing
  4. Leave the bubbles there for 5 minutes after the substances have been poured won
  5. Rinse all remaining contents with running warm water for about 30 seconds

This method is great for cleaning the drains of your appliances, while also dissolving any blockages. Moreover, this method is good for making smells go away, making your stainless-steel drains/ sinks sparkly and making them flow with ease.

2. Plunger

A simple plunger is great for removing anything that is blocking your drains and making them dirty and unhealthy. The steps with a plunger go:

  1. Fill with water the sink or bath enough that is covers both the drain and bottom
  2. Use a strong plunger to press over the drain firmly
  3. When the plunger is tight over the drain, pump several times to remove the blockage

An important note is that we recommend that you separate the plunger from the toilet to the one that is going to be used for other drain. That is, it is more hygienic as toilet water mixing with sinks/ baths is never wanted. 

3. Auger

Buying or renting an auger from a hardware store and using it to clean and remove any blockage from your drain is worthwhile. An auger can be bought at inexpensive prices, with an average of 7.5m being recommended for general households. To clean the drain, do the following:

  1. If your sink has a trap installed in it, remove this to have access to all the clogging. By hand or with tools can unscrew this, also, having a bucket nearby to catch the water is advised
  2. The next step is to carefully and slowly push the auger cable down your pipe. Once it is in the pipe a few inches down, turning the handle and pushing the coil down into the pipe occurs next. 
  3. The coil will run until it reaches obstruction and will begin to cut through. If there is too much blockage, turning the coil and wiggling it will allow resistance to not occur.
  4. Once finished, simply turning the handle the other way will help with dragging the auger back up from the drain.
  5. Lastly, testing the drain to see if it is cleaned is advised, if not, repeat the process again.

4. Water-powered cleaner

A water-powered cleaner can be used to push the contents down the drain and clean the insides in the process:

  1. Have the water-powered cleaner sit firmly in the drain and ready for use
  2. Attach the device to a water source, often garden hose is the best to choose
  3. Simply turn on the water and have the pressured water push all blockage down the drain and clean the pipes as well

This method is good for when chunks of food, dirt and other solids become stuck in the drain. Additionally, the water will be able to clean the pipes inside as an added bonus to the process.

5. Barbed Drain Cleaner

Simple tools can be great for when hair and other clog are closer to the surface. It is really simple and quick to perform, as well:

  1. Use the tool to visible grab hair or alike
  2. Pull the tool out with the dirty clog into a bucket, bin or similar place

When you can see what is blocking your sink, shower or any other drain, this method is the best/ quickest to use.

Blocked Drainage Specialist

Here at Optimised Plumbing Services have many skills in the plumbing field, a drain unblocker and cleaner is one. We have expert skills and the needed qualification to work on cleaning and unblocking your drains. Consider calling us on 02 8074 1475 or emailing us at If you want a professional to clean your drains, or for some simple advice. We do, also offer Emergency Plumber services to all suburbs of Sydney. We ensure that if you desperately need your drains cleaned or unblocked, we will be there as soon as possible. Moreover, if you have any questions about the responsibility of drainage systems, visit Sydney Water which can assist on knowing of you need to clean the drains.

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