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Mineral Build Up Causing Blocked Drains – What To Do?

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Mineral build up blocked drains can occur inside pipes and prevent water from flowing through them. When minerals find their way into the pipes then they can build up and potentially block up the drains and pipes. Some minerals that can clog up the drains are salt, lime and most times calcium build up. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Blocked Drain plumbers will remove mineral deposits within pipes reliably. 

Mineral build up blocked drains occur in places that are high in minerals or hard water. It is recommended that a plumber deals with the mineral build up blocked drain issue as they will often have to use advanced techniques or replace the pipe. Higher water bills, lower water pressure, blocked drains or white build up are signs of mineral build up in drains.

What is Mineral Build Up Blocked Drains?

Mineral build up blocked drains often occur in places that have hard water or places that are high in minerals. This includes magnesium, potassium and calcium and the hard water build ups within pipes and drains. When the hard water and minerals are left in the drain they can corrode the pipes and also block them. When white, or limescale, appears on water supply systems, such as the showerhead, toilet and dishwasher

Why is Mineral Build Up Bad for Pipes and Drains?

Lime scale can form and other issues develop from mineral build up which leads to major problems with the pipes. Most times the clog that forms from the mineral build up can prevent water from properly flowing within pipes. The water pressure can also be negatively impacted while the pipes may break or experience other issues leading to it breaking. 

What are Signs of Mineral Build Up Inside Pipes?

One of the most common signs that mineral build up has occurred in the pipes are blocked drains. If the systems more prone to mineral build up have become blocked then there is a chance that the mineral build up has occurred. If white build up has occurred around the showerhead, toilet, sink or other system then this also indicates that mineral build up may be occurring.

How is Mineral Build Up Blocked Drains Dealt With?

There are some steps that can be taken to deal with mineral build up blocked drains. Some methods can be used to remove them but often they are only short term fixes. Mixing vinegar and baking soda into the drain can work to deal with the mineral build up. Pour boiling water then one cup of white vinegar should be mixed with one cup of baking soda to sit in the drain for 15 minutes. 

After this pour hot water into the drain and the clog will temporarily be dealt with. Chemical drain cleaners may be used but they will also not provide long term solutions to the mineral build up blocked drains. Mineral buildup and small drain cleaning methods will not work so a plumber will most times need to be contacted to handle the situation. 

Another main reason why these simple methods are not favoured as they should not be used within drinking water lines. Mineral build up blocked drains should be dealt with by a licensed plumber to resolve the problem. At times the best and most affordable solution is to replace the pipes and drains that had the mineral and calcium deposits. 

How Can I Reduce the Chance of Mineral Build Up Blocked Drains?

The main long term solutions to reducing the chance of mineral build up blocked drains are:

  • Installing pipes that are made of specific materials that are resistant to mineral build up can occur. This is advised for places that experience a higher chance of hard water issues.
  • Water softener systems can also be installed where they will remove any hard materials from the water. This means that the chance of mineral build up blocked drains decreases.

Professional Mineral Build Up Blocked Drain Services

Optimised Plumbing Services our plumbers will resolve mineral build up blocked drains professionally and reliably. Each fully qualified plumber will remove the mineral build up correctly and ensure it is removed from the drain. When we need to replace the pipe we make sure to operate safely and operate efficiently and swiftly. 

We will resolve mineral build up blocked drains in all suburbs, including Northern Beaches and North Shore. Our Emergency Plumber teams are also here at any time to deal with the mineral build up blocked drains and other plumbing concerns.

For help with mineral build up blocked drains – trust Optimised Plumbing Services!

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