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Petersham homeowners and business owners only need Optimised Plumbing Services whenever they find themselves with a blocked drain or any other plumbing emergencies. We are an Australian family-owned business offering world-class customer service and high-quality plumbing services to both residential and commercial buildings in Sydney.

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We have been servicing Petersham as blocked drain plumbers for over 15 years!

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Expert Blocked Drain Plumber with Same-day Service in Petersham

We know that all plumbing emergencies need immediate attention. Blocked drains may seem a simple issue for people unfamiliar with the consequences it brings. An unattended blocked drain can lead to a more serious problem like a blocked sewer system in homes and commercial buildings. By working with our plumbers, locals are assured that they have access to an expert 24/7 even on weekends and holidays.

Licensed and Insured Blocked Drain Specialists

Aside from offering same-day service, we also take pride that our blocked drain plumbers are licensed and insured per NSW Fair Trading. Each of them has passed the required training and apprenticeship to be qualified to hold a plumbing license and practice the profession in the state. This license is an assurance that every unclogging and other plumbing work follow The Plumbing Code of Australia and other laws and regulations.

Blocked Shower Drain

Fixing blocked shower drains is among the specialties of our blocked drain specialists. This clogging happens when fallen hair gets stuck in the drain pipes of the bathroom. Given that fallen hair and other small objects like a tiny soap can easily go down the drain, it is not surprising that this part of the home or commercial establishment is prone to clogging. Our plumbers’ experience and knowledge allow them to easily resolve any kind of clogging issues including blocked kitchen sinks and blocked bathroom drains.

Blocked Sink

Sinks can also get clogged easily especially when the user is not careful in using them. The good thing is that it is fairly easy to remedy this kind of problem. Using a wire hanger, a mixture of baking soda and vinegar and a wet or dry vacuum are some natural ways to get rid of a blocked sink. However, an expert should be called if it fails or if the problem has been happening more frequently. 

CCTV Drain Inspection

For stubborn blockages, it is best to have them inspected using our CCTV drain inspection technology. This service makes use of a small camera that is inserted into the drain pipes to check what is causing the clogging and its location. It can also be used for checking the integrity of the pipes and in pipe relining projects. 

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Homeowners and businesses who want to easily get rid of blocked kitchen sinks, blocked shower drains and blocked sewers should contact a trusted plumber immediately. To experience why we are among the highest-rated blocked drain service providers in Petersham, call Optimised Plumbing Services today!

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