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Adding A Second Bathroom – What You should Know

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Adding toilets, showers, baths or vanities in a bathroom of a home is a costly job. When adding a bathroom there needs to be proper planning to ensure costs and labour are accurate. The extra bathroom can add real estate value to the home while making it more convenient and functional for the family. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our professional team of plumbers is here to install new bathrooms across the Sydney region. 

When adding toilets and other fixtures to a new bathroom, it can cost from $3500 to $65,000. Adding a second bathroom will be impacted by the location of the new space and the plumbing accessibility to new fixture installations. Planning ahead, hiring a trusted plumber and selecting the best fixtures are important for a successful bathroom addition.

How Much Does a Bathroom Addition Cost?

The location, difficulty of the process and the expenses of the fixtures will influence the cost of bathroom addition. The process can cost as low as $3500 if the space is easy to work in, no additional plumbing is needed and inexpensive appliances are used. A bathroom addition can also go up to and beyond $65,000 if plumbing needs to be moved or added to the choice of fixtures.

Below is a guide on the average cost of installing fixtures along with the general minimum and maximum as well.

FixtureAverageMinimum to Maximum 
Tiles $43-$75 per m2 $43-$100 per m2
Sink and Vanity$250-$750$250-$6300
Plumbing $1000$800-$1700
Electrical $700$480-$960
Shower/ Tub$650-$1400$550-$5500
Flooring$43-$86 per m2 $21-$430 per m2

What is the Price of Toilet Installation? 

A toilet installation can cost from as low as $150 and can up to $2000. The type of toilet will deeply affect the pricing as well as the location of its installation. Additional labour might also add to the cost of adding toilets systems into a new bathroom. 

From unexpected leaks, cracked flanges, poor wax ring to plumbing concerns the price can be altered. Moving a toilet from an existing bathroom to the newer one is often expensive and can cost up to $3500. 

For more information on how much it might cost to install a toilet, our blog has more detailed information. 

What are some Factors Influencing Bathroom Additions?

The main factors that will influence the costs and success of bathroom additions are:

  • Location – if the new bathroom will be situated near existing plumbing then the process is easier to complete. This is because the further away the new bathroom is, means the more vents, sewage lines, drainage and plumbing lines needing to be installed. 
  • Size – the size of the new bathroom will determine multiple factors. Walls might need to be knocked down or added to how many tiles and materials are needed. The layout of the bathroom will need to be planned ahead to ensure that the bathroom is not too cluttered. 
  • Scale or Use – if the bathroom is for luxury or general use to be located near the master bedroom then this will influence the process. 
  • Age of Home – the older the home means that the likelihood of older plumbing and electrical systems are present. These will often need to be worked on or replaced with newer systems to facilitate modern needs. 
  • Electrical Work – powerpoints, lights, outlets and other electrical systems will need to be installed in most bathrooms.
  • Plumbing Work – new piping systems and drainage lines will need to be installed within the new bathroom.
  • Flooring – vinyl sheets, ceramic, laminate and many more flooring options need to be considered during bathroom additions. 
  • Ventilation – it is important that the bathroom is correctly ventilated especially with showers and baths included. An exterior wall with a window or a fan should be added to assist with air circulation. 

Where Can I Add the New Bathroom?

A bathroom can be added almost anywhere but adding a new bathroom and its location should be considered carefully. A small bathroom can be as little as 1.5×2 metres where larger bathrooms are often 3.2×3 metres. The most common places where people will install new bathrooms are:

  • Old Bedrooms – if a spare bedroom rarely is used often it is transformed into a bathroom. The space might also be larger so an additional bathroom that is larger might be favoured.
  • Replacing Walk in Wardrobe – if the space of a walk in wardrobe is too big or it is not needed an en suite can be installed. 
  • Extension – if a new storey or an extension to the home has been developed a new bathroom is often considered to fill up the space.
  • Laundry – from installing a toilet to adding a whole bathroom within or near the laundry often occurs. This is because plumbing is already present, such as from the washing machine, so installing fixtures to a new bathroom is not as difficult. 

Half Bathroom or Full Bathroom?

A half bathroom often only has a sink and a toilet where a full bathroom has these with a shower and maybe a tub. Full bathrooms are commonly used for master bedroom bathrooms and also for the main bathroom. Half bathrooms are usually installed for a guest toilet, small en suite or to add an additional toilet. Knowing which one is needed will be useful to decide what to plan for the bathroom addition. 

Certified Plumbers Installing Bathrooms

The fully qualified plumbers here at Optimised Plumbing Services are able to install bathrooms in any place. Our plumbers are licensed to work with all drainage, plumbing and waste systems and install any fixture. We make sure that when adding toilets, sinks and other types of plumbing tasks that they are carried out safely.

Our services with bathroom additions and emergency plumbers are extended to all of Sydney, including Northern Beaches and South Sydney. We also offer professional Blocked Drain repair services for us to resolve any blockage concern. 

Contact Optimised Plumbing Services now on 02 8074 1475 for reliable and expert bathroom addition services!

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