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What To Do If Cooking Oil Or Grease Is Poured Down My Drain?

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When cooking oil and grease is poured down a drain then it is important to fix the issue before major problems develop. From large Blocked Drain concerns to potentially ruining the local area’s wastewater and sewage system. It is important to dispose of cooking oil and grease properly, such as through a local recycling plant, rather than pouring it down the drain. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our team will resolve any cooking oil or grease drain issues for Sydney locals. 

To fix cooking oil or grease drain issues:

  • Pour boiling water down the drain
  • Pour a mixture of half a cup of baking soda and vinegar into the drain
  • Wait ten minutes for the mixture to work then follow it by pouring hot water
  • If cooking oil and grease are still present then use a plumber’s snake tool

What to do if Cooking Oil or Grease is Poured Down the Drain?

Using natural drain cleaners is the best way to clear cooking oil and grease blockages in sinks. The main steps to follow when cooking oil or grease is poured into the drain and utilising natural cleaners are:
  1. Pour boiling water into the drain to warm up the frozen cooking oil and grease
  2. After the hot water was poured into the drain pour half a cup of white vinegar and then half a cup of baking soda into the drain
  3. Allow the mixture to fizzle for ten minutes in the drain and dissolve the fatty acids
  4. Finish by running hot water down the drain and the oil and grease should be cleared 

Alternative Method

If using natural cleaners was not successful then utilising an auger or plumber’s snake can help. This tool can be purchased from the local hardware store and is used to cut through clogs inside drains. Through the drain opening, the tool is inserted, fed through and will break through the frozen oil and grease. If needing help then an Emergency Plumber should be contacted as they will most likely be able to resolve the blockage quickly and more accurately.   

What to Avoid Doing

When it comes to cooking oil and grease blockages there are a few steps to not follow:
  1. Do not use a chemical drain cleaner or detergent as these will not be as effective as the natural method and can damage the drains
  2. Only pouring hot water into the drain without using vinegar and baking soda will be ineffective as it will melt the oils and grease but not remove it completely which will only lead to them freezing back up 

Why is Pouring Cooking Oil and Grease Down the Drain Bad?

There are two main issues with pouring cooking oil and grease into the drain. It is bad for the drains of the home and for the environment and local sewage and wastewater treatment plants.  

Home Plumbing

Pouring cooking oil and grease into the drain will also often mean other liquids, such as from cooking, are poured alongside them. Cooking oil and grease as well as these other liquids will not properly flow through the drains and pipes as they will freeze further down the system. They are liquids when they are hot but will quickly become frozen solids when cool.  Over time, solids will build up inside the drains and this solid fat mass accumulation will begin to create major blockages. This is why pouring cooking oil, grease and other liquids into drains that should not be is bad. Serious clogs can develop which will only lead to more difficult and expensive repairs and services.   

Environment, Sewage System and Wastewater Treatment Plant

If the cooking oil and grease pass through the house plumbing system then it will enter the local sewer. It will mix with the wastewater contents and other chemicals and substances within the sewer. The grease and cooking oil within the sewer will break down their fatty acids and glycerol to then combine with calcium in the sewer and stay there. A compound with a soapy consistency that forms from this can build up and grow in size and can then create major backups. Along with creating backups and overflowing drains in people’s places, it can damage the sewerage system and also be terrible for the environment.   

How do I Properly Dispose of Cooking Oil and Grease?

The best way to dispose of cooking oil and grease instead of pouring it down the sink is to collect it. Allow the oil and grease to cool after using it and then pour it into a reusable container. Reusing the cooking oil can occur, but if not wanting to resume the oil still hold it in a container. Once enough is collected, take it to a local facility that will recycle the oil and grease. If there is no local recycling organisation then freezing the oil and grease and then disposing it in the garbage is also an option.   

Trusted Blocked Drain Plumber

Optimised Plumbing Services is the best place to trust when needing a blocked drain plumber to clear cooking oil and grease blockages. Each fully qualified plumber will inspect the system and clear the cooking oil and grease using the best techniques. Our team is here at all times for all of Sydney, including Greater Western Sydney and Eastern Suburbs to help with cooking oil and grease blockages and other plumbing services. For the best cooking oil and grease blockage plumbers – rely on Optimised Plumbing Services!

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