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Why Is My Hot Water System Making Noises – What To Do?

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If the hot water system is making noises then there are problems that are occurring with it. Hot water system repairs will be needed to ensure the hot water unit stops making these sounds. The sounds are not the issue but indicate that there is a problem with the system that could be interfering with the efficiency of the system. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our plumbers will be able to repair hot water systems and stop them from making noises. 

The main reason why your hot water system is making noises is due to sediment build up. A popping sound or sizzling sound will occur at the bottom of the tank when the hot water bubbles through the sediment. Other causes of the hot water system making noises are water pressure fluctuations, loose pipes or a leak.

Why Is My Hot Water System Making Noises?

There are numerous different problems that can occur with the water heating system that causes sounds to occur. These noises will often occur due to these issues and when these sounds are noticed hot water repairs often need to occur. Below is a guide on the main reasons why the hot water system is making noises:

Sediment Build Up

Hot water storage tank systems will most times have debris and sediment within them which can float or be located near the burner. When water is heated within the system the bubbles that form pass through the sediment layer creating noise. The debris and sediment build up can eventually lead to the hot water system overheating and the overall system becoming weaker. Flushing out the hot water heater often will help limit the chance of sediment build up issues occurring.

Residue and Dirt Accumulation

When residue and dirt accumulate within the hot water system then popping or rumbling sounds are common. Solid particles, such as sand, small stones and other minerals, can build up and cause limescale to form on the interior of the water system. When dirt and debris accumulate in the system then the heater might rumble causing a decrease in performance. Cleaning the tank and removing this residue and dirt will help prevent these problems. 

Poor Water Flow

Sizzling sounds that come from the hot water system most times means that water cannot flow into the tank smoothly. The temperature and pressure relief valve or the water flow valve of the system might be to blame. The pressure relief and temperature valve will release water from the storage tank in particular when the pressure is high. Sizzling sound from these valves means that a plumber should be called as the problem often needs professional assistance. 

The valves that control the overall water flow of the tank should be inspected to ensure they are opened. Looking over the plumbing lines for any bends will help in determining if these are causing the sounds. 

Water Pressure Changes

When the water heater pressure changes then this can cause the hot water system to make sounds. The pipes of the buildings may be the issue of causing noises with the plumbing. When pipes grow and shrink they can make ticking noises so tightening the tube at the loudest point is useful. The hot water system pressure may be too high which is why the pipes are moving and creating sounds. Adjusting and lowering the pressure can help with the issue of pipes moving and making noises. 

If the water pressure is constantly changing then this can also cause the ticking sound to happen. The water heater has points that will connect to pipes and these have a feature to store heat. This is to help with the efficiency of the water heater, but if the ticking is from these then swapping them might be needed.

Leaks and Condensation

If there are leaks within the hot water system then they can cause noises and can be identified from a leaking sound or from puddles around the unit. Most times a plumber should be called to perform a repair to ensure the leak can be resolved correctly. Condensation from the heater might drip on the burner and cause sizzling sounds to form. Plumbers will be able to adjust and repair the system to present this issue causing damage in the future.

Tankless System Sounds

Tankless gas or electric water heaters can still experience sounds that are from a specific issue with the system. Clicking sounds may be from the flow switch turning off and on or can be from hard water and debris build up. Filthy fans, burner issues or leaks are other common issues causing sounds to occur with tankless units. 

Sometimes a hot water system replacement is needed from these problems which could be too costly or difficult, our blog is here for more information. 

Experienced Hot Water Plumbers

Optimised Plumbing Services and our Emergency Plumber team are here to perform hot water services for Sydney. This includes hot water repairs when the hot water system is making noises. Each fully qualified emergency hot water plumber can work with any system, including gas hot water systems, solar hot water systems and electric hot water units. Our team is also here to repair any part of the unit, such as the heating element, leaks to water supply issues, and also carry out hot water system replacements if needed.

We offer out hot water system, and also expert Blocked Drain, services to all Sydney areas, including Northern Beaches and North Shore

For hot water system repairs and fixes for noisy systems – Optimised Plumbing Services is here to help!

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